The internet can be scary place. Luckily there are many ways to determine a website's authenticity.
Here's just 7 ways you can assuage any concerns you may have:

1. Our SSL certificate from Comodo. Hover over the logo for more information.

2. WhoIS information (information about the owner of the website; note the postal address, phone numbers all correspond)

3. Some positive comments from customers on an unrelated website, hellopeter.

4. The owner's LinkedIn profile, featuring the same name and contact details as on the WhoIS information, and linking back to

5. Our company profile page at Pinnacle, one of our local suppliers. Note all the information corresponds with the previous links.

6. Our products listed on You are welcome to purchase them there as well :)

7. We are a verified seller on BidOrBuy with 100% positive ratings on hundreds of transactions over many years.
Please scroll down to "All ratings received from buyers" to read what our customers had to say.

If you prefer, you are welcome to place the order on BidOrBuy - but please note free shipping will not apply.

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